Business Philosophy

WEE GUAN's Business Philosophy is based on the Feng Shui Principle and Energy Chart.

The five elements or energies are interlinked, each representing the different types of “chi” or element: Yellow for Earth, White for Metal, Blue for Water, Green for Wood and Red for Fire.

The Yellow Bullet representing EARTH element refers to the PEOPLE in WEE GUAN, who we view and value as Our Greatest Strength and Asset.

As the union of Earth and People is connected to our business of Utility Engineering, WEE GUAN is committed to treating the health and safety of our PEOPLE as top priority by seeking to provide a safe working environment at all times. 

Similar to the strength of Metal (White Bullet), WEE GUAN has adopted the value of Honesty & Integrity as part of our Code of Business Conduct so as to lay a strong foundation, thus giving our PEOPLE the strength and moral ability to tackle all types of business environment and challenges.  

As the saying goes, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”.

Underlying the importance of Water Element (Blue Bullet) and since water scarcity or surplus can be linked to corporate activity, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility; WEE GUAN shall assume the role of Good Corporate Citizen by participating and CARING for Our Environment, Our Community and Our Nation.

With the good energy conserved by the Water Element through CSR activities, the Water generated, will nourish and enable the WOOD (TREES) to multiply, grow healthy and stay strong for generations. 

Capitalizing the generative and positive energy of WOOD, WEE GUAN has adopted the Performance Oriented Culture to ensure the Group remains competitive in the marketplace.

The final Element is FIRE, represented by the Red Bullet.

In Chinese culture, FIRE symbolizes passion, fertility and continued prosperity.

As fire needs wood, based on the sizable stockpile of WOOD cultivated in the preceding cycle through the adoption of the Performance Oriented Culture, the intensity of the FIRE is assured. Thus, the Group shall strive to possess the similar FIRE passion and vitality to achieving the shared Vision and Mission of Sustainable Growth.   

This signifies the Creative Cycle and the alignment of good corporate governance, with the five elements, which encapsulates the WEE GUAN Business Philosophy.